Retirement Visions’ Solutions For Corporate 401(K) Planning

At Retirement Visions, we provide companies, corporations, and small businesses with all the resources they need to build, manage, and maintain a strong 401(k) structure that benefits both the business and its employees.


Our investment specialists can work with you to provide an in-depth analysis of your current fund choices and compare them to current market benchmarks. We also offer a review of your current Investment Statement Policy (IPS) and current plan expenses and provide recommendations for both cost savings and optimization of returns. Our advisors can also prepare a full fiduciary report with a review of current procedures that can be presented to the company’s Board of Directors or Investment Committee.


Retirement Visions can act as the broker of record for the majority of existing corporate investment plans. Plan sponsors can also hire Retirement Visions to perform ongoing activities that will benefit both businesses and employees, such as managing and maintaining investments, reviewing performance, providing employees with ongoing educational opportunities, and developing regular cost-benefit reporting for the company. Often times, a proactive advice practice is all a company needs to increase engagement in employee participation.


As Agency of Record (AOR), Retirement Visions will review each fund and compare its performance with benchmarks established in the Investment Policy Statement (IPS). In many cases, a new IPS will be created and new criteria will be established for all investment options. Recommendations will be made to the Board of Directors or Investment Committee to change or optimize the funds offered to employees. Changes are then communicated to the entire staff through interactive, educational workshops.

Over the course of the year, employees are offered opportunities to engage directly in their retirement planning through informational sessions on asset allocation, understanding risk, and preventing common investing mistakes. Research from industry leader Morningstar is also presented and discussed to take current economic and government factors into consideration. Additionally, an annual company-wide update is presented to all employees to report on fund performance. A web-based platform can also be integrated into the company’s current intranet to provide newsletters, regular updates, and articles of interest.

As an ongoing service, individual meetings are offered quarterly to onboard new employees and give current employees the opportunity to review their investments. Retirement Visions also provides quarterly performance reporting and annual fiduciary reporting to the Board of Directors or Investment Committee, complete with recommendations and in conjunction with any audits or third-party administrative or compliance requirements.

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