We Take a Comprehensive Planning Approach

People come to us with varying perceptions regarding their investment needs. We help clients focus on what’s most important through our comprehensive planning approach. The end result can often shift a client’s view of how they would like to focus their investments, which tells us how important this comprehensive approach really is! We take pride in offering a comprehensive life and financial planning process to anyone regardless of their level of wealth, because we are passionate about making a lifelong difference.

We Help Clients Clarify their Financial Goals….and Life Dreams

Clients come to us for financial planning, but we know that what financial planning is really all about is achieving not only financial goals, but also lifetime goals. We know that clients work, save, and plan so that they can create the life they envision – for themselves, for their families, for their employees. It’s about more than the amount of money they want or need to have to sustain them. It’s really about how they want to use that money to create the life they desire.

Our initial discovery meeting helps clients explore their financial goals as well as express their dreams of a fulfilled life. We collect very basic financial information and give clients the chance to interview us as advisors to ensure there’s a good fit. We guide clients through a life planning discussion that includes asking some deep questions to define their unique values and beliefs around money as it relates to living their most fulfilled life. Our planning exercise helps clients more clearly define their unique “bucket list.” Then we work together to define how their financial resources should be employed to accomplish their goals and achieve their dreams.

We Help Clients Address All Current and Future Financial Needs

Together we discuss a range of financial topics including:

  • Estate Planning
  • Cash Flow and Budgets
  • Eliminating Risks
  • Projections of Retirement
  • Strategies for College Savings
  • Risk Assessment and Analysis of Current Investments
  • Social Security Maximization
  • Understanding of Pension Choices 

Following this meeting, we provide a detailed summary of the facts, areas of focus and a fee for the first year’s planning. 

Each and every client faces the difficult challenge of balancing multiple needs with limited funds. We understand that, and are very careful to thoroughly explain the multiple pro’s and con’s of any investment option we suggest. Above all, we help clients ensure that both their current and future needs will be met by the investment choices we make together.

We’re There for Clients at Every Stage of their Lives

Working with us for financial planning creates an ongoing relationship. Clients stay with us over the years and decades because we help them continually with such a broad range of financial issues.

Sometimes it’s helping them prepare their taxes, refinance their debt, or find ways to fund home renovations. Clients also ask us for advice when applying for financial aid for their college-age children, or planning how to pay for their weddings. Over the course of their lives, we help clients with decisions about buying a new car, filing for Social Security, and wrestling with the big decision of when to retire. 

After our clients retire, we help them understand where their income will come from. We give them the emotional confidence they need as markets ebb and flow. One of the most rewarding ways we help clients is in deciding how to leave their wealth to loved ones and the charitable institutions they hold dear in the most effective and emotionally rewarding way.