At Retirement Visions, LLC, we offer a different financial management experience than most other firms.

When you think of “financial planning”, you probably envision 401k plans, retirement vehicles and looking for someone who can guide your selections. Most financial advisors focus on the numbers right away - what have you already saved, what kind of investments do you have, etc. - without exploring the broader context. 

At Retirement Visions, we take a different approach to financial planning. Our team finds out what your most essential life goals are before we address a single financial investment topic. This way, your financial plan can be crafted to work towards supporting the future that you envision for yourself.

During this process, you might get more clarity about your deepest hopes or biggest financial fears. That’s a huge bonus because these insights allow us to work towards your dreams and enable you to stop worrying about what you perceive to be holding you back.

We don’t start with asking you how much you’ve saved for retirement. We ask questions like:

  • “If you had more time or money, what would you do?”  
  • “What would make you feel your life has been well-lived?”
  • “What inspires you?”

You’ll find that we’re really good listeners and we strive to fully understand your answers. It's at that point when we start to solidify our partnership with you and begin the journey towards your financial freedom.