Our Investment Philosophy

Focus On Index Funds

Studies have shown that it is increasingly difficult to beat index returns.  This fact drives our basic belief that the best approach for our clients is to focus on the use of index funds, ETFs and a very select list of actively managed mutual funds.  We do not use individual stocks.  We also don’t believe that most individual investors are best served with self-managed portfolios of stocks.  They are better served with portfolios managed by a few select institutional money managers.

Careful Portfolio Construction Based On Risk Tolerance Levels

When constructing our portfolios, we apply a fiduciary selection process to investments in each asset class.  Once we select our final list of investment choices, we construct model portfolios based upon conventional risk categories ranging from conservative to aggressive. 

Close Strategic Monitoring Of Portfolios

We closely monitor investment choices and models on a continuous basis.  As economic conditions change, we make strategic changes to increase or decrease risk.  We also understand the seasonality of markets and use historical data to guide our investment decisions.

Focus On Minimizing Expenses

We constantly research ways to lower investment expenses, and believe that all investors should do the same.  Investment expenses, including our fees and trading costs, affect long-term returns, which we are always striving to maximize on behalf of our clients.