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Why is it that many people decide to set goals this time of year?  Is there anything magical about the New Year?  I have to admit every year for as long as I can remember, I set goals for various aspects of my life.  According to the book I'm currently reading, The One Thing, you have a 39% better chance of accomplishing goals by writing them down.  After reading most of the book, I already realize some simple improvements I can make in my goal setting that will lead to better results.  I thought I would share them with you, in case you decide that you'd like to set some goals for 2017.  Click here for more

I.           Start with the end in mind - Imagine what the real benefits are of accomplishing your goal.  Visualize how you will feel when you succeed.  Consider creating a collage of photos that symbolize your vision.

II.          Prioritize your goals - Many people will create more than one goal, I usually have about five.  Unfortunately, having multiple goals requires significantly more focus, determination and a well written process.  Consider the one most important goal on your list and focus on that one first.  Multitasking drains most people and diverts attention away from their "One Thing".

III.         Break your goal into manageable parts - Instead of having a goal of losing 20 pounds, break it down into months and weeks.  Instead of focusing on whether you succeeded or failed in any one period, focus on the habits that are needed in order to accomplish the long term goal.  For weight loss, focus on how many days you exercise, or the number of miles you walk and understand that if you put the effort in and create the healthy habit, the end goal will follow. 

IV.         Accountability - According to The One Thing, sharing your goals with someone regularly makes you twice as likely to succeed.  Athletes become elite athletes by seeking out coaches and teachers, something that amateurs rarely do. 

V.           Block your time and say no more - In order to accomplish a goal, it often takes a higher level of commitment than the effort put in previously.  Trying to squeeze the extra time into our busy lives in a random "as it happens" way will most likely not work.  Instead, decide when you will do what you plan and then make that time "non-negotiable" when life happens.  To accomplish your goals, sacrifice is necessary.  So is saying "no" more often.


"People do not decide their futures, they decide their habits and their habits decide their futures"

~ F.M. Alexander


Enjoy the holidays and by all means share your goals for 2017 with us! 




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