Cash Flow and Budget – Where money is spent and using the outcomes project the future.

Charitable Planning – Fulfilling your heart’s desire to assist others.

Debt Management – Evaluating the rates, terms, cash flow and tax deductibility of all debt in order to make better decisions.

Estate Planning – Assisting you in understanding how your assets are passed to your heirs and working with your attorney to facilitate your decisions.

Fixed Income Assets – Assessment of CD and fixed annuity options available in the marketplace.

Insurance – Evaluating you risks in the event of unforeseen illness or death and assisting in the selection of the proper solution.

Investments – Asset allocation and modeling is based upon risk assessment of each investor.  Asset allocation is prepared for in-house accounts as well for 401(k) plans.  All investment management will attempt to take into account income needs and tax consequences.

Long Term Care Planning – Assessing the risks to your assets of extensive homecare or institutional stay due to long term care issues.  For Connecticut residents, a description of the CT Partnership for Long Term Care is provided.

Option Strategies – For corporate employees with qualified and non-qualified option grants, we can assist with the decisions to exercise and or hold the securities and the tax ramifications associated with the decisions.

Pension Decisions – Understanding the myriad of pension options available to retirees that involve how to protect a souse in the event of death while attempting to maximize the benefit for the retirement years.

Savings – Analysis of Savings alternatives available for tax and estate for implications of 529 College Plans, Roth IRA’s, Traditional IRA’s, annuities and taxable and non-taxable assets.  A comparison can be provided with emphasis on tax and estate implications of each vehicle. 

Tax Management – Strategies to limit the effect of income and estate taxes on your financial situation.

Other areas of potential planning for clients

Real Estate purchases
Mortgage analysis
Practice sale or purchase for professional
Construction feasibility